I know this is a completely impractical request, so I won’t even send it to the suggestion box.
Charlotte Franklin


Publishing tags? I think this is an excellent point. First it took me some minutes to figure out what were you talking about at all. Then , finally those few remaining grey cells started to wiggle, come out of the hybernation and began clicking and connecting . (I was already getting worried they were all gone for good , drowned, smoked or burned or have otherwise succumbed to the long years of abuse , now reunited with their maker…)

So, the tags. I must confess I never read them —I thought that was just a boring formality , something I am being reminded to do every time when I hit “publish” . From now on I will pay attention, thank you! Though … I never was in position to choose my reading material on the basis of tags. Either I get to read stuff from the authors I am following or accidentally stumble upon a thread… Yes, I know there are no accidents or coincidences, but just plain ignorance of individuals like yours truly here, who just do not pay attention and overlook the system at work which guides one to certain reads.

Nonetheless, I am still wondering : how do you get to read the tags first, then look up the stuff , if the tags sound promising or intriguing? Most probably I am really embarrassing myself here… But I know about those people who never get to learn anything, just because they are so afraid to ask — in case they embarrass themselves. I’ll rather risk the latter , but get to learn something eventually. Maybe it is my failing eyesight? Just not noticing anything that is in small print…Anyhow, to me, the subject of the tags was a new and an interesting point . It was a good and a practical thing you mentioned it. I , for one, know a bit more now, than I did before reading your post and your coversation with the author of the” rib tickling” tags. Mr “Thin Man” , if memory serves me . He says “…all people need to do is read my tags and track me “ That implies that there is a way for a reader to see all the tags first and then look up the articles with those tags. Suddenly it makes a great deal of sense , all the tagging I am coninuously being asked to do. Well, I still do not know how to approach the Medium material in that order… ?

Thank you!