Oh please quite a melodramatic post!
Michael K. Spencer


What exactly is it you are trying to say here? “Freeze your damn eggs, or you may seriously regret it”??? “ Blogging will certainly not solve your problem”!!! As in “she, like tons of other millenial women are too smart and too educated” for their own good??? So please correct me if I misunderstood. Your message to her is : “Stop doing all that excellent stuff you are so good at, because it intimidates and scares away all the men — your potential key to love and happiness; tone down, go home, bake a cake and count your eggs ; make sure to keep them fresh and ready ; the homely, cozy aroma of the freshly baked cake might lure some worthy prince like me to come and fertilize your eggs … and you might live happily ever after, just doing what God made women to do: keep a clean home, freshly ironed shirts for the Prince, keep your smartass mouth gracefully shut, and above all, breed!”

Excuse me, I have to cut this short, I better run to the bathroom . I think I am going to be sick.