So kind of you Ivana, your post and comments were generous.
Chris Jones


Me and Mr Jones

Here is a living example of how right you are. It is indeed so energizing and inspiring to get a response to one’s post. It can be an approval ,or a challenge. Even denial. It is the fact somebody out there has heard us. That we left some kind of mark . Acknowledgement. I think nobody is above appreciating that. How long could we last spending all those irretriavable moments of our lives typing away , pouring our thoughts, feelings , imagination , ideas… and getting nothing in return? Nothing coming back?

Aboriginals knew a thing or two when they invented a boomerang.

It is like a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean , left to the random mercy of the currents — for it is a veritable ocean — even the Medium one . And lo and behold! Somebody actually gets it! A new bottle washes back to our shore with an actual response! For me that is the best gift Medium has to offer . The Feedback.

A mere potential becomes operative energy only when plugged into a circuit. Something Nikola Tesla knew a lot about. In the realm of physics that is. But it very much applies generally. Physics does. In any case , it is essential to me with respect to writing. That is why it is good to know more and to be aware of how Medium works . To use my metaphor again, even the currents in the ocean follow certain patterns that can be studied and put to best use. Even influenced.

Oh, by the way, do not underestimate “sparking a smile” ! There are times when sparking a smile can literally save a life.

Hope you don’t mind my Mr Jones title. I always liked the song “Me and Mrs Jones” . Motown is just one of a myriad of the music genres I enjoy , depending on the mood.

Thank you for a great response. Actually there was something else I wanted to ask you — something in your profile that has caught my attention. But I just ran out of time for now.