The app is called: Pick Your Battles…
Mike Essig


Pick your battles. Hmm…

I will have to check Sun Tzu when I get back to my base, in a couple of days. I wonder if he too had something to say about this.

“Pick” actually implies taking the initiative . As in : go out and “pick up a fight” to … say, release the anger, the tension and the similar. That would mean joining somebody’s battle, or starting one. Challenging , picking an opponent. Kind of a random thing. Going into , or picking the battles that can easily be avoided altogether.

Then, there are the battles we do not pick. Where the choice is not ours at all. When we are being “picked” … and have to go into that battle, whether we are ready or not.

I wonder if there is a good app for that kind of circumstance…

Yep. Must check Sun Tzu. I can not recall whether he had any specific thoughts on that angle.

Is there always a potential enemy out there? Quite a thought…

I do not think I want to know what our Donald would have to say about that…☺

Oh…just to make sure Mike, let me be perfectly clear here. This is not meant as challenge on my part . Do not misunderstand this post. My only intention was a friendly chat. If anything, an initiative to break the tension . To create a friendly, an offence free parameter — kind of a “comfort” zone (in the most positive sense of the word) around you, at least as far as Medium goes.

Chatting with an intelligent, talented fellow human being with some life experience AND some sense of humor is both fun and an inspiration. Something we can all use once in a while . (Hope this did not find you at an inappropriate time.)

You know that there are many of us here who appreciate your presence on Medium. As an artist and a … human being.

Let the variables like gender , color , age , religion etc . for once not be more important and more defining than that wide and the deep common ground shared equally by all.