Do don‘t fool yourself, chicks dig the guns too.
Mariah Adams


Are you sure? You know I am a peaceful kind of a gal.

I have been in Cali, Colombia once. Everybody carries guns in Cali. (Just like in Texas I guess.) And when they go out, everybody drinks aguardiente — which, I can testify, is pure firewater. So, when they get drunk (and high on coke too, I assume), they just start shooting. It is what you might call a spontaneous, friendly fire— not with an intention to kill anybody, at least not in that particular kind of scenario. It is more like an expression of the “joie de vivre”. Still, the smartest thing to do , I thought, was to duck at moments like that. It would be kind of a meaningless way to die — from a joysome accidental ricoshet by an anonymous reveller, just as I am having all the fun dancing salsa. Cali is quite famous for the best salsa dancing in the whole world.

That is the only experience I have ever had with the guns.

Now as I think of it, maybe I was wrong. Maybe was exactly the best way and the right kind of a moment to die. Actually I could easily integrate those flying bullets into a whole erotic package: the heat, that music, the amazing sexy dancing couples… plus the bullets flying …just an extra touch — one of them right between the eyes to make it all complete, orgasmic and final.

Why would the lonely slow dying in chronic pain, in some sterile hospital be a better exit and preferable to dying in Cali fom a bullet while dancing to some hot salsa music with an equally hot partner, feeling sexy and high on aguardiente and whatever else?

Just pondering.