Ivana Knezevic ,
Susan Christiana

Hey, who says stalwarted career makes one a loser? Sometimes people get into a certain profession and make a career for all the wrong reasons and at a great cost — sacrificing something else they’d much rather do and end up deeply unhappy. When such individuals finally wake up and start making their own choices (instead say following their parents' wishes or following the money trail etc) , I believe only then we can speak of a true success in life. As in doing what you love and not doing what is expected of you . I am sure that is what their maker intended them to do in the first place and what will please Him too. I do not remember Jesus placing any importance on money as a measure of success. That is only the young start up entrepreneurs who do that. The real measure of success is a peace of mind and following your passion when you decide what you will dedicate your life to.

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