I miss your comments.


That was so kind of you! You sound like an alert and gentle person. Great qualities, in that combination .

Thank you !

I do not want to slip away. I just seem to have moved to another frequency at this point. That makes me invisible to some.

Medium has been important to me in this past year. But it has a life of its own . Sometimes it feels like home , sometimes like a house of strangers that I can just briefly peek into through the lit windows, walking by in the night.

It is wonderful to see a door open when you knock.

I have so much to share . But without feedback it can not be done . Energy must flow. Even the nicest lamp can not shine and give light if not plugged into some circuit of energy . Of the right frequency, that is. There are batteries too. But they run empty if not charged every once in a while.

Incidentally it is exactly what is about to happen here. Literally, I mean. We had no electricity for hours now. Yep , my phone battery is done.

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