Chaand — Of The Moon, The Glory, The Melancholy And Life
Runjhun Noopur


I am afraid to sign up for your Newsletter. Your posts already overwhelm and even intimidate me. I feel like I am back at school. All I can do is sit back in silence trying to digest everything you say, fast enough but careful not to choke, because I can see that much more heading my way like on a truck with no brakes. I am aware it does not sound like a compliment, Runjhun , but it is. You are a force of nature. Hurricane Runjhun.

Moon reflects the light of the sun. Without the bright object to reflects it would be invisible. Moon is a mirror. We see our reflections in the moon. Scars? Face of the beloved? An old prostitute? Our feelings reflected …All that and so much more.

Typically, in the western cities abundantly emiting their own artificial lights at night , like where I live in Europe, we rarely get a chance to see the moon (and the stars) at all.

We are so self obsessed and turned inward we hardly ever even look up at night . And if we do, we are denied the sight of the night sky and the moon anyway. At best, on a rare clear night there is a small patch of the sky framed with the straight lines and sharp angles of the buildings competing for the space above us.

Maybe just as well. God knows what kind of reflections would we see … probably the kind that would kill all the romance and poetry in us and render us speechless in our unease about what the moon would reveal.

The moon in the picture below : all it reminds me of is a plastic bag floating discarded in a body of water… bound to hurt some innocent aquatic creature that will mistake it for food…

The “Western Chaand” — when it chooses to appear and speak to us , it only has to show us our own reflection. Its essence. That real Dorian Grey. Not that forever handsome fellow whose beauty defies the time, but the creature disfigured, ravaged by the lifetime of decadence and dubious pleasures. His true picture that we all are a part of. It is there, taken out of its hiding place, for all to see … all that which we rather do not see. Indulgence in fast pleasures, instant gratification, greed , hypocrisy… pretending we care , when obviously, we do not really . Otherwise the Amazon rainforest would be still intact. The Elephants wouldn’t be slaughtered by thousands; clean water would be available to all. Need I go on?

Just as well we do not see much of that reflecting moon here . It might scare the children…

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