Thank you Ivana.
Tasneem Kagalwalla

I am thrilled to hear the book is on the way ! Every book published must feel like a new child born into the world — labour pains and all. I imagine.

I am not a mother, but I sure feel like I am pregnant … with a book.

Isn’t that how it feels for you too?

Thank you for sharing that part of the Foreword. Now the excitement about the book is mine too!

And …yes. Your presence in my life , brief as it is , is strong and vivid. You have a way of affecting your environment … like those experiments in a chemistry class. You put one drop of “Tasneemium” in a large dish of plain colorless water and it will turn blue, green, purple , kind of glittery and… alive!

That is a kind of a charisma you are blessed with, dear Tasneem.

I too , am grateful for everything you have brought into my life.