Amazon and farcebook are the two tech giants I absolutely decline to do any business with…
Ron Collins


Now that you gave me one finger could I ask for one more, not a whole hand . Just as much as you gave me freely. Where do I go to get my dope ? Where else can I buy the e books the same way? I' d drop Amazon and never look back if I had an alternative. What I pay Amazon for the books ranges from 0.90 eurocents to 10 euros max. The average I pay is 5 euros. Maybe even a little less. I just do not know any other place. Well I do, but they offer either free books — classics — all worthy, do not misunderstand . But those I have read all, a long time ago. Most I even owe . The paper editions. Or did owe them until my sister had appropriated them with the rest of my inheritance . Or some obscure stuff , nothing that would hold my attention.

I am eagerly awaiting your suggestion.