Ivana Knezevic , I’ll give you one new word for happiness “smilyun”
Susan Christiana


I was just toying with Mike Essig”s “smirking or smiling”: I made a smirkle out of it, just about 1 minute before I read your post!

Your PETUNIA story was also hilarious.

I had lived in Indonesia once. There they have a problem distinguishing letters P and F . These get mixed up in funniest ways. In the village where I had lived there was one shop with the biggest board advertising their wares. It said Poto Cofy. Guess what it was meant to say: Foto copy … That they do not know that in case of words of Greek origin an F is spelled PH , I can overlook… But Poto Cofy , proudly dominating the view of the main (and only) street, in letters the size of my arm, that cheered me up immensely, every time!