Ivana Knezevic
Feb 24, 2019 · 2 min read


I really can not talk to the bot that is supposed to provide assistance to the Medium writers. So I am appealing to any friendly human being on Medium:

There were some major changes with the writing tools medium provides. I do not see any instructions to accompany them. My question is HOW DOES ONE EDIT A PUBLISHED STORY? The handy dots in the upper right corner of the screen are gone underground, they arein hiding. Probably to make our lives and writing easier according to some twisted convoluted tech logic — only I do not get it. What extended complicated operation do I need to perform if I need to iron out some creases on the stuff I published? How do I edit?

Once upon a time Medium was an easy going warm and friendly place, its best feature was accessibility to a simple person that felt an urge to write and thus share some thoughts and feelings with the others. By and by it has started changing. I am not going to go into it. No point wasting time and making myself miserable. Sadly it has increasingly alienated me in all kinds of ways. Now, after 3 years, instead of at least having gotten familiar and comfortable with the technological aspect — the “tools” for writing, I do not even know how am I to edit a published piece!

Which rocket scientist from the Medium technological infrastructure teams felt the urgent need to remove those 3 little dots that enabled us to do our little jobs of writing, editing publishing etc without any distractions of the non writing kind — like needing to learn a new profession overnight and become computer scientists, programmers, technicians, coders and whatnot? What kind of a terrible danger and threat to the Medium Empire did those three little dots suddenly present, so that they had to be removed and eliminated most urgently and totally?

Why am I beginning to feel the technicians and the tech innovators do not want me to write? Why are they managing with every new change to make me feel like Medium is the enemy of a writer?

Why don’t the tech guys go and play their computer games — and design them too if they will, and let us writers write in peace? The greatest authors , thinkers, philosophers, writers in the history of our civilisations needed nothing more than paper, ink and a feather to write. Why do these geeks now think we can not create our content without their juvenile compulsive technological “improvements” — to enable, or to disable us to write in peace?

Now. Who can kindly help me and point me in the direction of EDITING THE PUBLISHED PIECE? What new little assignment do I need to fulfil to be rewarded with that possibility?

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