Thank you for publishing, recommending and highlighting my story, Srinath.
Sherry Caris

I Need to Say This

I have such a problem with the technicalitire of writing and participating on a site like this .I realise how impotant they are. It took me 10 minutes to highlight this one sentence of yours. I am not even sure I did it right. So I will indicate which one -just in case I did not do the highlighting right : About the comfort of being heard and validated when you spill your guts. So true. I did not have this experience elsewhere so far. Or I am not that trusting to do it with the people I meet in my daily life. Writing here, I did spill a couple of times a “tiny sample” of my guts and I was amazed at the positive response-understanding, encouragement and , indeed, comfort! I am beginning to think that comfort is what everybody needs most! A hug , two kind and gentle words, little things like that can give one so much comfort , give one the courage to keep going. A bit of comfort can heal a person big time.

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