Emojis from you are Not worthless.
Thomas R. Barton, JD


You need not remind me.

I know the list of my unfulfilled promisses to you is getting long.

If I tell you the list of the unfulfilled promises to myself is getting even longer, would that redeeem me, or seal my fate for good?

What do you say caunsellor?

Just the weight of them is a punishment enough.

Even my pride has turned its back to me.

I can just as well mention it here : I even owe a note to my dear Medium friend Susan Chrisitiana and my guilt is growing.

Maybe I should go to a dancing class . To recover the rhythm. I am obviously out of beat .

Maybe a juggling school?

I need at least 4 more hands.

Complete clones, 4 more Ivanas would do too.

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