Ivana Knezevic , you have taken the words out of my mouth!
Susan Christiana

I read that paragraph of your text, it is UNCANNY! Word by word! AND I discovered where is the glitch. The title is not as you were looking for. And now I am looking for it , to be sure to give you the exact the title … and you are right . All the publications are messed up, I see only the most recent ones — maybe from the last 10 days , going back and forth … S the glitch # 1 : The title is … almost surely : ON DOING IT WHILE THE OTHERS WATCHING , but even I can not find it back! Glitch #2 is with Medium. I have never seen such a mess yet — as you said , duplicate titles over and over , only the very recent ones and the rest 70% of publications nowhere to be seen!

By the way , only yesterday or the day before , I had a note from Medium informing me that this particular story got some new recommendations. Now , I can not even find the title anywhere! So much for the 21st century technology! Come to think of it , I write all this directly just typing on my laptop or the phone. If all the data get deleted due to some possible total black out one of these days, all will be gone without a trace… I never bother making sure to back things up, actually I am not even sure I know how!

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