5 things I have learned since moving back with my mom at 27.

I understand perfectly where you are coming from.

I only hope that of those 1000 + dollars you do not have to spend on the rent , plus the other expenses you are now spared thanks to your mom, you are giving a fraction — like a half at least — to your mom. Only so you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Let me put it simply : She is your mom , the one and only. She loves you unconditionally.


By living back with her again do you make her life easier and more economical , or the opposite? Who bears the expenses ? How much do you contribute financially and otherwise — chores and such?

You need not answer to me. But once you answer this question to yourself , you will know whether there is anything to be ashamed of for living with your mom or not.

I am not picking on you just to pass time. This subject struck very close home.

My elder sister hung on , and lived off my parents until they both died. Which they did within 11 months from each other. Last year . At that time my sister was 63 . 64 now. Not only she , but her 32 year old daughter was also supported by my parents from the day she was born. My mom was 87 when she died and my dad 95. My mom worked for 30 years until she retired . My dad even longer : 50 years. He could because he was an independent lawyer. Retired when he was 70.

Nether my sister nor my niece ever worked.

There is so much more to the story , but here I am just responding to yours . I volunteered some of my information just so you understand why I fealt compelled to react to your piece here.

My story only becomes really interesting after the death of my parents… but as I said, this is your story here.

I would say since you are back home, just make sure you are helping your mom at least as much as she is helping you. And contribite even more. You being all grown up now, a man and all that… The only way to make yourself proud. And her too, by the way . Which is even more important .

Be a blessing, not a curse .

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