My Dream Dive
Mike Essig

It might displease you that I usually have a comment too instead of just a simple clean green heart of appreciation…

If Breughel was our contemporary, I could easily imagine him painting what you have so skillfully put in words. This is something in a good tradition of hmmm… Henry Miller, maybe Bukovski?

I really should freshen up my acquaintance with these . And with modern American literature in general . If I only had time…

The thing with reading, writing as well for that matter, is that there are no shortcuts. No hacks . No trick to be found in all of the Medium life hacks listicles literature, that could teach one how to make reading take less time than it does. the same about writing. I could learn to type faster , but that is not the key issue.

About reading as much in less time … I have tried the audiobooks, no way . Any reader’s voice distracts me, and that is the least. There is no substitute for the eyes reading the words and for the imagination conjuring the visions, translating those letter combinations into the endless Universes encoded in there, transformed by each reader into the other, ever different ones .

Thev same problem with writing. I was considering applying what used to be called a dictaphone. A voice recorder. Used to have one when I did anthropological research.Interviewing people. Must be really an outdated thing . Even its modern equivalent… I do not think it would work. In writing as art there is this particular magic that seems to dwell exclusively in the written word. Take any substitute and the magic is gone.

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