I’ve been thinking about my earlier post and it’s been bothering me.
Son of Roxie


Your second post is only worse than your previous one, if anything.

Who are you to talk of the “invasion” of the immigrants? Didn’t your folks also immigrate — that is “invade” America from …I guess the British Isles, judging by your name?

Let me guess: of the two faces on your profile picture, you are the one on the right. The white one, right? B.t.w. that is a weird profile picture — what exactly is the message you are trying to convey with the two faces there? That you are a good Christian and not a discriminating racist by any chance?

The only ones who have the right to moan about the “invasion” of the “aliens” are the indigenous peoples, the Native Americans. The ones your folks had litterally wiped off the face of that continent making and “honorably” breaking the so called “treaties”; the remnants of whom you Christian folks so “humanely” keep in RESERVATIONS TO THIS VERY DAY IN THE 21ST CENTURY, for crying out loud!

“Illegal aliens”… ts ts ts! What arrogance…what bigotry! If you WASPs didn’t legalize your own selves, you would still be as illegal an alien in America as any other one you call alien..

If I were you I’d stop reading the Bible every day but rather freshen up on your knowledge of history, you (2nd or 3rd generation) immigrant!

I would say Mexicans are much closer to home in America than you are, whose grandparents had come from a bit further away — escaping starvation at home and seeking a better life on somebody else’s home ground. What else? So tell me: what makes YOU more entitled to a better life than any other today’s immigrant to America? Because you INVADED it a bit earlier in time than others and claimed it as your own, God given property? Because your folks were desperate and hungry a hundred years earlier back in Ireland or England, or wherever exactly they came from, BRUTALLY INVADING the new “hunting grounds” of America? Let me tell you another thing: Compared to your grandparents’ alien immigrant invading ways, the today’s immigrants from “south of the border” look to me like the timid, blushing brides! You guys were brutal, wild and lawless! Waving your Bibles while killing the Native Americans, committing the worst genocide in the history with determination of a hungry wolf pack without a remotest single Christian scruple or apology! And you have the audacity to see yourself as a likeness of Jesus… Then I expect you to forgive my angry outburst and my harsh words here, you being a humble, charitable Christian and all…

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