Well, kajal or surma keeps the eyes cool, and for children act to make their eyes larger as they…

Oh bro! For the children to grow pretty? In my knowledge that is done mainly for the protection from the “evil eye” . It is a feature that comes forth in many cultures , also Christian and others, with some slight variations in the form. Not necessarily painting the eyes, but wearing the amulets with an eye on it and such. Interestingly the eye on the amulets is always blue. In Turkey and Greece both, for example. The children are believed to be an easy prey to the evil spirits and to sheytan himself. In that sense parents would not want the child to be too “pretty” and attract the evil spirits while they are still small and defenseless. Not that it was the central theme of my article, by any means . I have mentioned it as a random example, totally off the top of my head as that memory was still so vivid.

I was also told that kajal cools the eyes. I have tried it myself, but did not feel any cooler. It does protects the eyes from the dust and helps prevent an infection. I would appreciate if you told me more about the practice — I had no idea it was prescribed by the holy Koran and that it goes all the way to the Prophet…

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