Hi Susan Christiana,


I shall blame it on my command of the English language. Even though I understand every word , the sentences are so long and convoluted, difficult to follow.Besides , the overall tone is such , it makes me wonder whether it exactly was the author’s intention — not to be understood? Is it a technique of making the reader have to strain to understand, to make him/her feel stupid , or just to trigger a nasty headache?

If I were a native English speaker , I would be inclined to see a veiled insult in the way the text was composed. I would have said I detect a degree of anger in the style and the tone of the text. But since I am not, I will not claim that responsibility . I’ll just call myself overly suspicious and a bit stupid. I feel that headache developing, too.

Normally Alto’s writing is a pleasure to read…

Words are a weapon to be reckoned with.