He can expect to live for 37 years
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For no understandable reasons. There are children born and some genetic screw up alteady gives them the date of an appointment we all have coming , but have no knowledge of when ,where and how.

There are children born healthy , intelligent, good and successfull at school, with a promise of great things in future and one day, out of blue, they die in a stupid car accident at the age of 18, 22, 25…

Normally we are not given the knowledge of how long we are going to last in life. Ther must be some reason for that.

It is very hard to respond to a story like this. Even the most sincere and heartfelt attempt at consolation is first of all futile ; second, it can be received as an insult and in terrible anger.

I am aware of the risk I am taking, responding at all. It would have been safer to ignore and pretend I never read this. But what kind of a person would I be if I just walked on by in silence, even if my heart is breaking for you?

I am not sure how this will be received . If my point came across. There is nothing one can say to change the reality or take away the pain. Even empathy seems futile… I just wanted to suggest a thought : If the cruel fate was to take a precious loved child way too soon — is it harder if it takes the parents by a total surprise — as in case of … say a car accident — or if they were given the knowledge of when and why from the day one?

To be given that knowledge from the start — is it an extra curse, or a small “privilege” ? (under the circumstances)

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