Now my heart is in hands that treat it with more care and kindness I allowed myself to give it. It’s these parts that are now exposed. But instead of the injuries I feared, I feel them growing strong and proud. I am now wondering why I ever tried to hide those away.
My Heart And Me
Aura Wilming

Lucky woman!

Wonderful to see this written in the first person. Talking about your own bliss.

I seem to have forgotten . It is that long ago since I could say something like that about my own heart. If ever. Otherwise, wouldn’t it still be so? This makes me wonder if I have ever loved and been loved back like that? One possibility is that I might have been , but that even love has its expiry date and that is what happened to mine. The other possibilty is, love like that never expires. In that case I obviously never had the luck.

In that case, who knows? I might even get lucky once before I die. Everybody should get a taste — otherwise, the purpose of living remains a mystery to me.

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