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Your response took me aback a bit I must say.

One of us has fallen flat on his/her face here.

Let it be me. That is indeed the feeling I get when I crack a joke and receive s dry and serious response showing me my “input” was not even recognized as just …humor!

I thought it was more than obvious I was joking. I mean… who would ever take such a stupid statement seriously: “ Act like a dude and look like a model” ???

I guess it is naive to expect everybody to be capable of recognizing humor as it comes in all its numerous forms. Let alone of understanding the joke.

It takes a certain kind of mind that is not given to all.

On the other hand , lack of humor in the reader, not getting its meaning, can be in some specific cases even a great advantage to the author of the joke.

For example , that is exactly how satire could develop and survive as a viable way to criticize a regime. Those in power — especially in the authoritarian regimes seem to be, as a rule, devoid of humor . So the opposition could get away with criticizing it by means of the satire. Any other form of criticism would cost the author his freedom , his job and in some extreme cases even his/ her life. But those in authority just did not have the flexibility of mind , the sufficient imagination to grasp the meaning of say, a metaphor that is often the tool used in satire.

I guess …that lack of flexibility and humor was the root of their authoritarian management of power in the first place.

Then again , seriousness of mind as in: “Life is a serious and often tragic business and I am not a clown!” is of course a virtue of sorts too.

What would the world look like we were all jokers? Probably like a circus. Somebody among us must take the responsibility and be mature , dry and serious . I guess.

It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

Still … what a drag to crack a joke and receive a “blank stare” in response!

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