Boob Job: Part 1

Meg, I have read all 4 parts in one go. I am responding here because for whatever reason I could not do it after the part 4 ( Medium glitch?) where I was left breathless, desperately looking for the part 5. This was a pure thriller!

Two things stood out :1) Your choice to go for a double mastectomy — the other breast was healthy! Your argument was to do it for the sake of symmetry — not to feel lopsided. Hey, if you happen to loose one leg, you are not going to amputate the other just to remain symmetrical, I hope… 2) readers’ different reactions to your husband driving half way home without you : It looks like each person projected their own experience and interpreted the event accordingly…

It was truly fascinating to read this account — everybody can identify with your story from some angle — as a cancer survivor, as a family member or a partner , or just as a fragile human being as we all are at the end of the day.

What appeals to me is your courage, sense of humor and underlying optimism to the story — after all, you are here to tell it. I just can’t wait to hear the rest.

Call me immature : for the part 5 I can not help but visualize you making an appearance at a poolside party with a brand new bust . Nothing outrageous. Say a tasteful, elegant, feminine cup B . Just looking good, better than ever — coming out on the top after all the turbulence and scare. That would be a well deserved gift of that fickle fate and in my mind’s eye, the most fitting conclusion to this impressive story. After all, life beats fiction…

I am sending optimism, faith and positive healing energy to you and to your good husband. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.