So Ivana Knezevic , I should look so young!
Susan Christiana

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Now, here is another recommendation for you, something completely different. The only thing in common with Shantaram is that the both books are equally un-put-down-able : “The Aztec” by Garry Jennings.

Whenever you are ready for the next journey, Susan Christiana. This time it will be both a travel in time as well as the distance.

This was the book that had made me neglect all my daily chores for the first time ever. I mentioned it before in this context. How I had just surrendered and accepted the fact that reading can be more meaningful and definitely more fun than cooking dinner for husband, cleaning, washing the dishes. When I had spent a whole day just lying in my hammock and flying. “Piloting the book”. The super-jet & time machine, all in one, that uses the words for fuel . Eco-friendly and hammock/armchair friendly way to travel. :)