Ivana Knezevic I don’t have any blues songs to suggest, because they’re not my thing(see: once told…
Caleb Ramsby


Not at all that difficult where I am at the moment. It hasn’t actually happened yet, not literally. At least not this year. All the worse then, to feel like I did — virtually!

Sometimes I am grateful for the differences in taste, but usually only when it is about the flavours of the jelly beans or the Belgian chocolates. ( Almost sure you hate them both .) I am very specific about which flavours I like and which I do not. I always hope to have somebody to share them with who likes those flavours I never eat. One might see it as a compatibility of sorts …

That does not apply to the music though. If something offends my ears I get to be quite intolerant, at least when in my own audio space. Not to mention there is…this stuff …some people call music that makes me plain homicidal. Like techno , trans and the whole absurd culture of the glorified DJ s as the “artists” and not a single musician or musical instrument in sight … that is where I draw a strict and definite line. No compromise.

What kind of a person does not even have the brain receptors for the blues anyhow? Not only no receptors but to actually HATE the whole genre of the blues music! And Dylan too !!!

It looks like we have nothing at all in common.

I have once again reacted too quickly, spontaneously, stupidly to one single little thing in the thread that had accidentally caught my eye, God only knows how and why… About listening to multiple versions of … well… whatever kind of music it is that you do love. I have never known anybody to do that so … my stupid and misplaced enthousiasm got the better of me. So typical! I just “dive into the deep end with my eyes shut” ( to quote a mentor I once had at the University long ago). That poor man, bless his soul , had perfectly defined my ridiculous personality and my temperament in one single sentence.

Had I only bothered to read anything more of your conversation with Violet, I would have soon known enough to keep my mouth shut, and would have just kept scrolling . I could have saved us both the precious time.

My sincere apology .

I was not looking for any suggestions re blues , thank you , I can find my way just fine. I do not know what is the you tube carousel , I also do not know what a musical vision quest is. But no matter. Please don’t tell me. That is probably where all the music is played that I do not care to listen to.

Anyhow, thanks for trying — I know there are many versions of Chaplin’s “Smile” and of Sam Cooke’s “A change is gonna come”.

I really must stop barging into people’s conversations like this. I will make it my New year’s resolution. And it was the high time, I am sure.

Thanks anyway and … have a good year.

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