Hmmm. Not sure if you are deliberately being obtuse or not.
Rev. Fred Denial

Oh my… Only now I am getting a bit curious . Who ARE you Reverend? What do you really look like? How do you find time for relaxing on Medium with the busy schedule like yours? Whose picture are you using for your profile here?

And … why do you offend people ? Is it your personality and a recurring pattern in you life and activities in general, or do you do it only on Medium? Is it like “I can’t help myself, people are so stupid and ignorant” or you do it on Medium annonymously, as a sort of therapy — venting the tension built up elsewhere where your identity is known and where you must “behave” and be held accountable for your attitudes and the manner of talking to people?

We had a brief exchange a couple of times. You have not offended me yet. I am starting to feel like a lucky exception. Maybe this is your chance.