Words are everywhere.
Arnie McKinnis

Okay, that would explain not buying an e book for a dollar. But what makes them spend 5 or 10 dollars for a cup of coffee?

Oh, and I must comment — you say an intelligent person can learn almost anything on an internet. Funny that you assume a priori that the e book for sale would be some kind instructional material. Because a work of fiction can never be substituted by anything else. It actually saddens me when I see that books are becoming a subject to a very pragmatic approach : “I will invest in this book if it will teach me some skill… but than again I can learn the same for free on the internet”

Throughout the years of my life , I have spent a fortune on fiction. At some moments I sold parts of my library with a thought “I’ll buy it back again when I have the money…” Regretfully, some of these precious works were never published again and are pretty hard to find back again.

It seems like this is an age of less appreciation for the literature as an art form.

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