A Love Letter to My Big Sister
Sherry Caris

On the subject of doing it in front of others

Taking a crap when you are not alone in the bathrom, happens more often than you think. That is life. Let me share with you my story:

I was in India , travelling alone . That is no big deal . I have done it a few times and intend to keep doing it. Anyway. I have booked me a bus trip from Mapusa Goa to Bombay. A night bus. It takes some 12 hours . You leave in the afternoon , and arrive to Bombay at dawn.

It was promissing to be a comfortable and pleasant trip. I had a front seat on the right side and there was a Goan man sitting nect to me. We had a casual introductory chat as fellow passengers . A polite chap. I was the only foreigner, beside being the only single lady in the bus. No sweat. As I said , story of my life.

The bus stops every couple of hours for refreshments and the toilet. I had no time to prepare some food myself ,so when I got hungry , I took some deep fried hot chilly peppers made by a man right there on the spot . You get half a dozen of these peppers wrapped in the newspaper. I quite enjoyed them, spicy and well — clean — I thought . Just a chilli pepper deep fried , what can ever go wrong?

Soon enough I found out. And I will remember it until my dying day. Both my fellow passenger and I , just like most of the people behind us were asleep. Until I suddenly fealt these two explosions in my belly… Ops! another two: kaakhum! krrrkrrrkaaaahhhhbaam! Oh Oh… I am in trouble! I knew if I tried to get up now suddenly I will shit all over nyself… my bowels fealt like liquid by then. I had to get that bus to stop. The driver is behind his little door — it is closed , so no passengwrs disturb him during a ride. I woke my fellow passenger ( I was thanking the stars that we had this friendly introductoty chat earlier , so I was kind of entitled to ask for his assisrance. He understood immediately what my predicament was, alerted the driver and he too, just did what he needed to do, stopped right there by the road.

I always wear shalwar kamees when travelling in India it is culturally acceptable, you blend in , it is comfortable , large and covers you conveniently. At this time , my worry was to know where all the loose bits are , to kerp everything out of the way of my exploding behind. Naturally , I only managed to step out of tbe bus and squat right there , the faster the better. All the people on tbe bus woke up, to see why an unscheduled stop — I saw all the heads on the windows looking at me while I was doing what needed to be done. It was embarrasing big time , but what to do ? Shit happens . Literally.

I already had mastered and adopted the Indian style — no toilet paper , but water. Wash yourself after going to toilet ( even, or rather, especially when you are doing it in the middle of nowhere next to your bus. After my successful performance we took of again , Bombay here we come!

It is only another 8 or 9 more times that I had to repeat the whole show , the last time while already entering the city. I guess , by then nobody had bothered to look so intenly as in the beginning, as I was going through my diarrhoeia attacks of the instant and explosive kind. I

I hope this story will help you get over thr peewishness when /if you have to take a crap with another person present.

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