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You’ve got me speechless here for a moment, I must confess. Referring to your Mother’s funeral. My sincere condolences, even if years belated.

You made me flash back on the equivalent of my own. In my case much too recent and still kind of raw... One of those deeper cuts that take time to heal properly. Not the dying itself. That, we all learn to accept eventually. But everything else involved. Some deaths bring people and families closer together. Some other again break them up for good.

So I still get these kind of stabbing pains occasionally . Almost every time the weather is about to change…

I better get down to writing about some of these things soon.. Not healthy to let them fester inside too long.

But not today.


There was this guy , a friend I had first met way back, long ago, in Goa. He had stayed in a lovely Portugese cottage on Baga beach. A number of us

lived there with him, hippie style. Good times.

His name was Blind George.

American. Much older than me. He was indeed blind. Not born that way, but as a result of some illness , rendered blind in his 20s. That had never stopped him from travelling all over the globe. He could be seen in Alaska prospecting for gold , next in Tangier , possibly in Mexico with some lovely señorita, or in India, exploring the way of Hindu spirituality, or …the quality of the local charas…

Travel , that is how we had met in the first place.

Years later he came visiting Amsterdam. He stayed in my place then.

Blind George was actually quite famous as it had turned out. He was better known in my own town, more popular and more recognized than I will ever be. That guy was a living icon, a celebrity of sorts.

If we were walking on the street , every few minutes the cars would be screeching to a stop, people running up, yelling: “Hey George! It that you, man? Wow! Good to see you…”

So he hung out with some of these friends.

One day he got invited by some of them to go to the movies.

Next day I asked him: “So George how was that film you went to see last night?”

“Boring” he answered.

“Who ever takes a blind man to the movies? ” he mumbled.

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