To recap, she first thanks you for reading the entire piece, then additionally expresses her…
Tommy Gill

Point taken. I had no complains whatsoever about her manners, I even liked her writing. Still I hope I am entitled to express honnestly how I feel? There is just a thin semantic line between asking and telling. Asking , while even I , blind without reading glasses , clearly see that heart that gives me the straight option to recommend … that makes me feel like she is doing more than just … well … letting ME decide. Here the issue is not my opinion. It is my feeling .How can you dispute the way one feels? Someone is, most graciously -I agree by all means, still instructing me to do something I feel should to be entitely my own choice. But as I had pointed out , I am really new here . If this is what puts bread or rice on her table , I respect that. I just know that it had never crossed my mind to ASK for recommends for myself ! If readers see something of value in what I have written, I implicitely trust their ability to decide what to do and how to go about it .

I will repeat myself : Though not that new in the world , I am new here in Medium. It gives me a great pleasure to read the publications and stimulates me to write. Not that I would mind being able to make a living this way, if given an opportunity and a bit of guidance. But for now , pleasure is the keyword. Her case might be entirely different. I fully respect that. Still, I feel it in my bones that asking me to do something is just a polite way of telling me to do it. If i say “I have a headache” how can you say that I don’t?

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