Ivana Knezevic
Feb 26, 2019 · 1 min read

Susan Christiana

So sorry for my rant last time, I was caught unawares by all the innovations on Medium …

I believe I have improved the last chapter. It is a little bit longer now. If you find time please take a look. Nothing major, but I like it better now.

I am between travels, between climates and time zones, living out of the suitcase, so it is quite a feat to focus on writing. I do it at odd hours like middle of the night, from a phone, in my bed. When people talk of their writing rituals I must laugh. At the moment I am totally doing it on the go.

The worst is that I am limited to the android mobile app, so no access to any of the publications. I can imagine my texts are pretty much invisible to most — unless someone knows exactly what to look for. Hopefully I will settle somewhere long enough and get a small laptop. Then I will try to rearrange everything and submit it to a publication. Like the first chapter that I have published in Intricately Intimate (Teri Jo) as “Eve’s Story”.

Thank you for reading and for your precious feedback.

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