Ivana Knezevic ,
Susan Christiana

Susan Christiana, this is a great piece of writing! I feel your sincerity and your every word appeals to me. I did not even realize it, but now I see, this poem was my way of asking for reassurance and encouragement. And lo and behold! All you beautiful sensitive and talented souls here, you have heard it. You undestood and are responding, giving me exactly that which I so needed to hear! I am truly moved.

What is happening here is not another simple excercise in stringing words, of “art for art’s sake” .This is the real deal. Souls communicating. I am so touched and so grateful for the attentiion and for the understanding. Thank you Susan, and I thank you all, you beautiful people!

Gee… I can bitch all I want, but the fact is: I am so grateful to Medium for giving me the opportunity to be in this wonderful and so inspiring company; for facilitating all of the great work, the communication and the flow of the energy that is taking place here. Thank you Medium!