Sending you a warm hug, Ivana Knezevic, and of course we have a clean slate.
Danna Colman

Thank you for the hug!

God, I just lost a whole text! This morning half of my other text vanished into thin air… Now I just touched the keyboard by accident while looking elsewhere. All that was left on the screen, was one letter! Ohhh.

I have just read your first story and was writing a response . Well , the spilled milk… I will try again later , now I better run and do them duties. Walk the dog , shop, clean, laundry… ( Dear Santa, bring me a housekeeping robot, PLEASE!)

I am not that superstitious ( just a bit ;)), but to loose two different texts twice in one day, does not happen normally. Makes me wonder. Was I talking too much? As a matter of fact , I probably was. Not only that, This poor old laptop is punishing me for complaining about it . That was , among the other stuff, the part of the text I have lost earlier. I am at war . I have two enemies lately and I am loosing the battles. One enemy are the computers .That is not that serious. The other, really mighty enemy, is Time…

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