Ivana Knezevic , my heart goes out to you, sleep deprivation must be for lack of a better…
Susan Christiana


I never refuse a prayer! We are all a subject to higher powers whatever name people give them. God , it is like having a mother. All our mothers have different names, but mother is a mother whatever name she is known by… You know how it is — once people give God a name, soon after bloodshed will begin. I was born and baptized Christian . If you pray in Jesus’ name , it is just fine, bless you!

There is no need to feel sorry for me . I guess I am just one of tbose people who need less sleep. It does become extreme at times, especially lately. There is an explanation for that too. I had some major losses quite recently. Slowly I am coming to terms with that. Only , suddenly, I have no choice but to grow up in a hurry — no time for sleep , growing up in all 3 shifts, 24/7. I am used to my insomnia anyway. There was a time when it was lonely or annoying watching everybody asleep around me, and I wide awake, on guard, like the only person left alive on the planet.. Eventually I have learned to enjoy seeing the others around me sleeping peacefully. That is now all in the past . I just read or write or draw or watch something on the internet or TV, and the time flies. Sometimes I wish the nights were even longer . It is a special kind of solitude I have learned to cherish . Especially since I don’t need to tiptoe through the house — nobody here but us chickens. ( my dog & moi) As long as my eyes can take it , I ‘ll be fine. They need the rest most.

Thank you so much for your compassion . Empathy is a rare and precious quality in a person.

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