Hi Ivana- I am going to do my best to answer some of your questions, though I am not necessarily an…
Molly S. Hill


Thanks Molly, great job! I am sorry your knowledge had to be drawn from the personal experience. Must have been most unpleasant, I am sure.From what I gather , the trolls seem to have a thing for feminists. They are offended by women who stand up for themselves. That quite narrows it down as to where they can be located. It seems to be about some twisted notion of how power is laid out in a society, about some fictive “status quo that must not be disturbed” …I must think a little more before I can say anything meaningful.

I appreciate your taking time to answer systematically to all those questions. It was like you opened a door to a cellar I never knew was there. I am still trying to get my bearings.

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