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Thanks Ana, this was a great article! English is the 2nd of my few languages, but I assure you, whatever I highlighted, I did it because it absolutely resonated with me, or because I had just learned something from you.

I understood you are mainly a poet — I just read the one “I am words to you” (my apology if I didn’t remember the title exactly — I am writing from the phone and do not want this to go to drafts while I go back to check the title) . What I wanted to say is apart from lovely poetry ( I loved that poem) you express yourself very, very well in prose form! This article on stats and recommends is so eloquent, educative and relevant . You have answered so many questions and cleared so many dilemmas I am sure many of us have. I know I do. I enjoyed every word of it. But just ghe eloquence, I was impressed.

Sorry about double space , THAT little detail on how to change the setting I must read again. It is just that I am quite atechnical and besides, one thing is settings on an android phone and other on the laptop — I think…

Thanks again for a great read!

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