Go to your local library.

Thanks for your kind response. As it happens I am one of those people who like to owe their books — even these days when they can be had in the E form.

Please do not take it the wrong way, I appreciate your advice but I do not feel I need any “knowledgeable people” from my local library to tell me what I should read. I can find my way around books easily. I grew up in a house with the library of 1000 + books. (I stopped counting after 1000.) Apart from that, in course of half a century I have acquired quite a collection of my own — having inherited my dad’s passion for literature and reading.

The problem I had with the Amazon was just logistic. If it takes 5 days to buy a book that I should be able to by in one second with one click , it does get me annoyed. I wasn’t looking for guidance and a place to borrow books .

But thanks anyway.

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