Men are way more Popular than Women
Abel Cohen

That may be so. But Ellie Guzman has got the job “of her dreams” at the Dreamworks.

I agree with you totally , don’t get me wrong. I am not at all impressed by the kind of writing that gets all the popularity on Medium. Not only not impressed but shocked with how simple the readers are .The things that appeal to hundreds of thousands... That is the face of mediocrity.

Those with the most “green hearts” will never be what I aspire to become. After all I am not “a tech person” nor do I want to tell people how to become their “better edition”. Nor is achieving success — whatever that may be — what I want to write about. These groups rock on Medium. It saddens me. Oh , not to forget the greatest insult : the articles on how to write and publish so many books in a month and … explaining how reading is good , that is, useful for the purpose of becoming a “successful entrepreneur... I wonder what Dostoyevski would have to say about that.

On the other hand, yeah, I am delighted to see a young woman get picked out from the whole of Medium for the stuff she writes and thus get herself a dream job . I thought that was neat. Quite exceptional, but neat. She simply stood out all by herself and happened to be exactly what those people were looking for.

There are so many good writers on Medium . I know they will never be at the top as most popular by the present Medium standards because it is simply not about good writing.

In my eyes, Medium sadly, increasingly, looks like a McDonalds restaurant . Kind of a fast food outlet for mediocre, overweight consumers that stuff themselves with carbohydrates and the meat of the suffering mass bred animals that never see the daylight nor graze in the fields, but get stuffed with hormones and God knows what other carcinogene stuff , in order to be ready for slaughter and consumption in the record time, long before nature intended them to be. If at all.

It is all so depressing. To think how enthousiastic I was when I first discovered Medium. Only one year ago. Feels like ages have passed since then.