I Have a Question
Basit Ijaz


Falling in love is not a privilege of the young only.

I am aware that is how it is thought of and seen in some more traditional societies where the roles and expectations as assigned to the specific age groups and genders are mapped out as a standard of acceptable behavior and of “respectability”.

There is certainly a lot of experience and centuries old wisdom behind that. It is meant to assure a measure of order, security and tranquility to everybody according to their place as members of a specific gender and an age group in a given society.

Experience has also shown that the fickle bitch called Fate or Kismet has some quite funky sense of humor. She can easily, at a whim, make the grown men act like teenagers and the mature women to feel like young girls.

You see, Love is another of those fickle bitches. Just like her cousin Fate.

I suppose their lives would be such a bore if they did not have us, mortal human as their puppets, to play with…

So they seem to take great pleasure in making it possible for anybody to fall in love and feel passion — especially when they are “not supposed to” according to the wisdom of the established order of things as the traditional rules of the society dictate.

It is indeed a risky business, Basit. Possibly costly too (not moneywise) Sometimes more costly for one than for the other.

But surely… it can be great fun while it lasts.

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