This post with its foreboding loss of precious power and its rich sense of anticipation is the…
Thomas R. Barton, JD


Why , thank you Thomas! Now I remember why I have missed you and have worried over your absence so much. You are the master of the dying art — how to flatter a woman. The art that is gravely misunderstood, overlooked and totally unappreciated. People do not see the honesty behind it. Even women do not believe any more there can be a man that simply likes them for what they are, without having an agenda or any sinister motives. I think you are that kind of a man.

If only there were more like you … The true … what would be the opposite of misogynist ? Phylogynist? Yes. the true, honest to God, phylogynist. Why don’t we ever hear this word? At least half as often as we hear the one that describes the women haters.

You know, you just might be the last of the kind, Thomas. The endangered species.

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