Are you aware that there are many Government and Military organisations who are still using both…
Rev. Fred Denial


A thought just struck me: why these government agencies do not “upgrade” to anything more recent than Windows 7 or XP and why are we all pushed to do it…The newer apps and operating systems all come with inbuilt programs capable of harvesting data from the users for any number of purposes.

Every 2 minutes on the average I am asked to agree to cookies, to terms of use, to a “privacy policy” … All these are actually shouting in my ears : “You are signing all your information, all your data away!”

But who is listening? Not that it even makes any difference any more.

Some people believe that the times of espionage are over, gone together with the cold war. That all the spying is done these days only by the satellites between the major governments. Wrong .

These times now are the times of espionage supreme! Every single individual that walks around with a smart phone in his pocket is being effectively spied upon, 24/7! Millions of men and women all over the world — in US, in Europe, Africa, Asia, all have a smart phone and … all their information laid out for the picking.

Our data are being stolen, bought, sold… used in the advertising, marketing, in politics, by insurance companies, on the job market, by the educational institutions, sinister types and God only knows where else and for what purposes.

Individual privacy, a basic human right, is history.

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