Zev, glad to see you’re “back in the saddle again.”
Thomas R. Barton, JD

Thomas Reese!

I hope you are not going to do this again! Your last absence was so long and so worrysome that it had corkscrewed a whole poem out of me — okay, not a big deal. Just an immature, little baby poem . But one of the first I have ever written in all these decades of my service on this planet! And it was inspired by and dedicated to you. As a matter of fact I believe you have not even read it. Which hurts my feelings by the way. I have never intended to bring this up. Now you are hardly leaving me any choice, planning to vanish again.

A stomach flu of all things! Nobody has flu this time of the year. (Says she.)

Forgive me if I am mistaken …No — first, please forgive me for getting so personal here, but hell, what choice do I have?

My impression is that you are a single person. No missus, no little gremlins nor grown up ones with the little ones of their own. A lone devil dog, Mizurruh style. Fine. I can relate. No ties, no obligations…Come as you please , go as you please. But wait a minute sir! Things have changed. They are not that simple any more . You have just got yourself a little soul family that, little as it is, spreads across the three continents — to use Zev’s own words here. And a loving one. Now you are about to up and and desert us! No can do Thomas Reese. Think of Zev! He is as delicate as you are. A poet of the same ilk …

I have to catch some sleep now. It’s been some thirty hours since my last attempt. I seem to have a major misunderstanding with that elusive Hypnos. Then I will try and find that poem and present it to you here, at the risk of embarrassing myself all over again. Hang on until then at least…

I am urging you to reconsider.

You can do it.

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