You’ve obviously never consumed anything else by Gary.
Neil Malek

True, I did not consume, nor read anything else by Gary. Neither did I write this in order to make him lose sleep over it. You are the second one telling me I am missing the context. I admit Gary’s piece was the last thing I read late last night before turning in, after several hours of reading and writing. I have reacted spontaneously to what I understood he was saying. It is possible I have missed something . I shall reread it when I am more focused — if I misunderstood his message and if my response does not apply, I’ll be happy to stand corrected and to apologize with all sincerity .

There is no shame in misunderstanding.

As a matter of fact I will be glad if it turns out I was wrong and, if becoming a multimillioner is not Gary’s #1 priority and his biggest ambition in life.

A good day to you too.