Tools That Make the Best of Your Blog
Elmer Fubb


I still have to learn how to apply these techniques and use all the available tools. I also see there is a small price to pay for using some of the sites or their sevices — I am sure it is worth every penny, especially if it is an investment nevessary to achieve a goal. And that brings me to the key question: there is still this one thiing I know nothing about : say I learn to use and apply all these tools and techniques ; I become really good at blogging ; my name becomes familiar in these circles… IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING AS A (GOOD) BLOGGER? IF THERE IS, HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? I may sound like I just fell off the moon, but what can I do, I have to ask even at a risk of becoming a laughing stock and a fool of the year. I honestly have no idea how it all works. With an answer to this question you would make all these tips and advices come truly alive with sense, direction and a purpose . You would make a perfect “narriage “ possible for many who may need it, just like I do. I am sure.: doing something we love and being able to pay the bills by doing it. A good way to intergrate one’s activities and one’s life as a whole, on so many levels . A good way to stay focused , consequent , motivated and … sane!

Thank you so much for everything I have learned from you here. I hope to find out something about that last thing as well. It might just be that proverbial paddle I need to get me away from the “smelly” creek I see I am being driven to, and for once, not even by my own fault!

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