A Love Letter to Confident Women
Warren Talbot

Very nice. Though there are a lot of women who have theit own mind , but have lost some of the confidence to speak up , maybe because they have learned a few lessons about tbe life along the line.. You seem to have been very lucky with the women in your life. But did it ever cross your mind that a woman might occasionally appreciate a man that is capable of taking the initiative — for change. My experience as an assertive and still relatively confident woman is that it seems to be our fate to end up with the weaker men — where we have no choice but to wear the pants and lead the show. Did it ever occur to you that such a relationship might not be the most stimulating kind for one strong and confident woman . We also have the need to take a break sometimes and sit in a passenger seat occasionally for change. But that seems to be the law of biology or … I don’t know… But it has sruck me that strong men are attracted to more timid women — and the strong women end up with the weak men that are more than happy to let these women take the responsibility, the challenges and … well drag their “admiring” males on their shoulders. no offence please , just a honest response from … a confident woman.