Woah, sis you’ve like been round the world😍…and mid 80s…just the thought of that gives me all the…
ιove, Zev

Well, I can say one thing. Don’t feel you are missing out on anything. You have a great ally . THE ALLY. With capital letters. Time.

Time holds endless posibilities and it lays them at the restless feet of the young. All that and so much more is only waiting to happen to you. Whatever comes to your mind is ready to condense its particles and transform the energy of your dreams and desires into a manifested tangible reality.

That should make you feel good. Possibilities are endless. There are these moments in life when literally anything can happen. The only obstacle you might have could be your fear and lack of confidence. Somehow I do not think that will be an issue with you .

Nothing better than being young and standing at the crossroad. All you need to do is pick your direction. And all you have the abundance of, is time. Those are the moments of magic.

Speaking from expereence.