SF Ali,
Gail Boenning


Occacionally the same question passes through my mind too. But I do not linger on the subject because… what exactly would I need them for ? Stories get published. The understanding is that we write for free and we in turn do not pay for being published. I actually thought that is a fair deal . Kind of a benevolent anarchy.

Aren’t the weekly prompts and choice which stories that are written in that cadre will be published, the work of the staff? You see , if that is the case , I happily steer clear from that.

I just read recently a post about some changes and about a number of conditions regarding submitting these weekly prompt stories. There were so many things one needed to do exactly according to the instructions that I already got that old feeling “ oh lady bureaucracy, here you come… there I go….” But I may be wrong , maybe it is not the staff , just the fellow writers.

Basically I am curious to know . What do you need the staff for ? Simply to know. Maybe I am missing something? That, of course, unless it is a private issue — if that is the case, I respectfully withdraw the question.