Peanut butter.
Jack Herlocker

What IS it you do at 04.30 AM..? At below 50 — Farenheit i assume — it sounds like some extremely unfriendly time and the weather conditions to exchange for the warm nest.

Me, I try to make it to bed at that hour. By then I am finally, aware I am only human with the old fashion body which does have sone physiological limitations …and by then I hope to get some sleep. Even so, it is ! to 5 scheme. Yes, we do interact. — nobody had ever thought of adjusting the working hours, at least for one part, to those who do not / are not capable to/ fit their lives within that frame.

On the other hand, thank God not all the population does things at the same hours or even at the same places! Even as it is, there are traffic jams, overloaded public transport, fully booked restaurants, flights , etc , due to the too many people living synchronous lives.

Do not misunderstand, I am not claiming one way is better than the other. Many factors are responsible for the different lifestyles of different individuals. Whether they are fortunate or are a curse temporary or permanent, Ι shall leave that subject for another time.

All this aside… What kind of a “shift” is that where you must be up and about at that ungodly hour? I believe even the cows do not want to be milked that early!

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