The author is wrong on so many levels.
Chris Engel

What is your point anyway? That the antifascist protesters are just a bunch of aggressive vandals and hooligans who will call anybody a nazi or a fascist just for disagreeing with them? Really? Hey, maybe there are no nazis in the world at all? Or…if there are, that they are no worse than you or I, or the next guy. Just a group of honorable, upstanding hard working citizens with their own political views, no big deal, all fine, democratic, civilized and legitimate, just like the first ammendment says. Right… Got it. Of course the police will protect them, being the respectable citizens and will arrest those violent hooligans who can not stand anyone with the different political views. Such blatant intolerance! Your grandmother, had she not died, would have been really shocked and offended by what Yonatan implies in his article, I am sure… She could have told us how all those stories of the extermination camps and of the killing of the 6 million Jews are so blown up, exaggerated. Vile communist propaganda obviously. Right?

Just one more thing . Please correct me if I am wrong. You didn’t happen to vote for Mr Trump, by any chance? No, I don’t mean anything by that, just trying to get the picture, figure out where you are coming from. Spoken figuratively, of course.